1. I love that this isn’t just another “love it or leave it” article. Unlike so many others, you aren’t saying that he has no right to be upset. But he’s in a position that so many people will never be in; he has the money and presence to actually make a difference. Instead of faulting him for offending people by being “disrespectful”, you’re faulting him for being lazy and not really making a difference when he could. Thank you!

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  2. I couldn’t agree with your point more, inasmuch as it sets up my thought on this. I can’t help but notice I see a lot more “hey, look at me” than actual action in this. But, what should we expect in a world where activism constitutes posting something on your Facebook page rather than actually doing something.

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    • There seems to be a lot of ACT in activism anymore. The biggest changes you can make are usually quiet ones (voting, having conversations (not arguments) that broaden view points, raising your kids with the right values, etc.).
      I guess none of those are as sexy as running around with a megaphone, but those methods get more done.

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