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  1. Further reason why I don’t get why people feel this team can contend for the division. If you look at the starting running backs, quarterbacks, and wide receivers in the division alone the Eagles are last in the division at all three. This team has a lot of work to do before they can be considered true contenders. They may need to go out and try and sign a veteran, because these backs simply aren’t good enough to get it done and truth is Sam Bradford needs a legit run game to have any chance of being decent this year.

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    • I understand why people would think that we lag in skill positions, but I also think that we’re judging the players based not on their talent but on the results of the system (TIK) ran.
      Case in point: Jordan Matthews. He is a classic WCO WR. Name another pro HC who’d have put him in the slot to run shallow crosses and take LB hits to his lower back. Agholor stagnated on the bench behind Riley Cooper last year, and there never did seem to be a plan for Josh Huff beyond drafting him high. As as for starting RB’s Ryan Mathews is CLEARLY head and shoulders over anything in NY or DC.
      I actually (as I said in my Pre-Draft Preview) think our Defense is what will key wins when they set our Offense up with great field position. I see our Offensive stats being artificially inflated by having short fields to work with.


    • As far as talent goes Ryan Mathews is probably one of the most talented guys in the league, but the guy can’t stay healthy. That’s why he’s lower than the rest in my book. Hard to belive Nelson Agholor actually started 12 games. He seemed to invisible out there. I wonder how much of that was due to Sam Bradford unwilling to throw to a rookie or Kelly’s offense just being that much suck. I feel it has more to do with Bradford not wanting to throw to the rookie or the rookie simply not being in the right place, because we saw Jackson and Maclin put up huge numbers before. Josh Huff is just an unimaginable to me. The guy makes one good play and then follows it up with two big mental mistakes. I can’t figure out if he’s really good, but just makes some young player mistakes or is he just a guy who really is a fringe player at best in the league. All in all he was drafted too high and hasn’t proven his worth yet. I want to see Matthews on the outside and we will learn a lot more about Bradford and his willingness to throw to the outside receivers. I think Matthews will do well using his size to body out cornerbacks rather than getting blown up by linebackers and safeties in the middle. I mean if nothing else you have to appreciate the toughness of Matthews. He was getting killed out there. Kelly’s all to predictable scheme had linebackers just waiting to take that guy’s head off play after play. Strong defense and running the football is going to be key, but they are going to need Sam Bradford on occasion to attack the defense deep in order to keep them from stacking the box. Bradford just seems far to interested in dump offs and checkdowns to be a true competitive quarterback in the league. Why would he want to be more than that? He’s made a lot of money just playing it safe all his career.

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    • I think we have some pieces. When I look at how many players failed to blossom under (TIK) it’s impossible for me to lay all of it at the feet of EACH player, instead of thinking they all had a central issue holding each of them back. (I mean, you don’t really think DeMarco Murray forgot how to hit a hole do you?)

      When you have a HC giving away Pro Bowlers, undervaluing his Offensive line, drafting guys early and then sitting them, and so forth, I have to give our players the benefit of the doubt.

      The silver lining here is that many of our rivals will be thinking that we lack weapons as well.



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