3 comments on “WE’RE A MESS, BUT WE’RE THE BEST

  1. You should supply aspirin with your articles, especially this one — all of this crap has given me a headache.


    • Next time you may want to include some football talk in your comment. If you disagree, I’d love to hear why. And incidentally Benny, you don’t have to hide behind a dummy account.


  2. The Eagles are better than last season, but at this point they’re marginally better at best. This is a 6-8 win team in my opinion. Furthermore even if this team wins the east what exactly does that even mean. They are the best of a bad bunch of football teams? I don’t think this season it’s realistic to expect much, but I do feel there will be more to cheer about in the coming years. Hopefully Wentz will be the guy who leads this team to that promised land. Hopefully he can get in there sooner rather than later. Sam Bradford isn’t a leader. We will go nowhere with him as the man.

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