1. If Patrick Stewart lacks the merits to be the Eagles starting Qb, then you equally lack the qualifications to judge Qb talent — Stick to what your good at…judging NFL Qb talent is not one of those things.


    • I’m not even going to argue with you.
      Instead I’m going to go you one better, and leave your comment up so that people can see it, and judge you by it. 🙂


    • Great! I look forward to reading it as soon as I get tomorrows article out. I will forego sleep to read it and I hope you can shed some light on the issue. As an Eagles fan, I really would love to be fully on-board with such a big move.



  3. Since the Eagles hired Chip Kelly the organization has been a dysfunctional mess. Even now if you listen to the HC, OC, and th DC they can’t get their stories straight. The owner is talking about “emotional intelligence” when the whole time he’s allowing his coach to sink himself into a no win situation. The Eagles have been a three ring circus of dysfunction. Just look no further than the Sam Bradford situation to see that dysfunction still resides in the building. In all of this dysfunction the only thing the players seem to unanimously agree on has been the selection of Carson Wentz. I’m not going to get into evaluating Wentz off his college stuff. Frankly it doesn’t even matter. It only matters what he does in the pros and it isn’t my job to evaluate him off his college performance. I am not upset about them drafting Wentz and it has little to do with the fact he’s not Sam Bradford although I will add Sam Bradford has 100% proven that relying on him will get your franchise nowhere special. I support this move because I understand the NFL is a league driven by quarterbacks and the Eagles have in their employment right now three guys who know a thing or two about playing the position. I’m going to give them the benefit of doubt here.

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    • As a fan we all want to give our team the benefit of the doubt, but as you said, the Eagles have been a dysfunctional mess for a while now.
      That goes back to what I keep saying about poor leadership allowing all this to happen. In the midst of this poor leadership however, has also been some questionable decision making.


    • In all of the dysfunction and with all the questionable leadership Wentz is the one thing they all seemed to agree on and that’s why I have hope about the kid. They aren’t the only team who brought into Wentz either. The Eagles weren’t the only team trying to get Wentz. They are just the team that paid the most. Nothing about scouting and drafting is an exact science much of it is about luck. I remember how high people were on Tim Couch and Ryan Leaf. I saw how poorly they performed. I don’t know what Wentz is going to be yet. I want to see him in NFL games before I make my judgement, but if they are wrong about this kid a lot of people are going to lose their jobs.

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    • Tim Couch and Ryan Leaf are exactly why I look at those extra picks we gave up and shake my head. If it pans out who can argue, but if it doesn’t (and the odds aren’t great) most of the fans who are telling me “You can’t make an omlete…” will spend years complaining about the yolk all over the floor.


    • I’m not telling you that you’re wrong. I’m just stating that I understand why they are trying to make the move. If it works that’s great. If it doesn’t we move on. It wouldn’t be the first time the Eagles made a bad choice. The list is long even when they had all their picks plus additional picks of bad choices made. For Peters the Eagles basically gave up two first round picks that ultimately didn’t live up to the expectations. They got a potential HOF player. For trading McNabb and getting additional picks they got an average to sub par safety. It’s all a gamble. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Just not ready to call Wentz a failure before he’s played a game yet.


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