1. I think Sam Bradford has to become Pederson’s Hegiman. I say put him out there and let him take a beating. Beat some heart into this powderpuff or force him to quit and go home to his mommy. Bradford has shown Wentz somethings already. He’s shown him how being a whiny lil bitch kills any support you may have ever had. He of course was going to always be a clear case of what not to do to be a successful NFL quarterback anyways. I can’t belive there were people out there who actually believed this guy could have took the Broncos to the Super Bowl.

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    • What’s sad is that a few years ago before he got hurt a second time, I actually was one of the people who thought Bradford just needed a better supporting cast. That was gone by the time we signed him though. (Evidence of that is all over this site.)
      I’m all for the Eagles drafting a QB high and grooming him. I’ve wanted the team to do that for years now. However, the way they’re going about it seems like it’s going to do WAYYYYYY more harm than good in the long run.


    • I don’t know if I view the harm that Bradford will bring that everyone is concerned with. Sam Bradford doesn’t have the locker room collateral to split the team like TO did. Heck even though I thought TO was wrong even his antics were more justifiable than what Sam has done. I don’t see anyone rallying to the cause of Sam Bradford UNLESS he has one of the greatest quarterback seasons in NFL history for the Eagles, and he leads the team to a serious playoff run off his arm talent . Otherwise the only real issue will be if Wentz is not the guy the Eagles believe him to be. That could have far more negative ramifications than what (always was just a stopgap for them) Sam Bradford will try and pull.

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