1. Sam Bradford is the problem. He’s nothing more than a game manager who can’t lead this team to a 4th quarter or game winning drive. There was a play where the Eagles threw a screen on third down only to try a missed 50 yard field goal. Chip Kelly doesn’t even trust captain check down to get the ball down field. Everyone wanted to rip Jordan Mathews for that drop in Atlanta (that actually was a more difficult catch than needed to be) while ignore how inept Sam Bradford was on the first three downs. He’s by far worse than Foles ever was in this offense, and he’s killing this team.

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  2. The play calling is like pee wee football. Its boring and lacks any innovation. Bradford is making the only decisions available. Although the blocking has gotten better if you ever notice when they pan the camera behind Bradford receivers llok like they are in a lovers embrace with defensive backs way down the field and half the time do not even have their heads turned to the QB. So I am not sure what Chip is doing or whether we just lack talent at WR but Bradford is actually the smallest part of the problem. This is typical Eagle fall guy management. You could blame Foles for sucking with Jackson and Maclin but Bradford has who? Mr. Nobody? The media is quick to point out the INTs but if you look closely at the vast majority they were balls that were in play and the WR or TE barely mad an honest attempt to catch. They got manhandled by the defenders. This is a team with no sense of urgency. Bradford is far superior to Foles both in his quicker dleivery and tight trajectory of passes. When Agholor gets back on the field I expect some things to open up if his speed can be a factor.


  3. Add the run element and its possible that could make a difference. I like sanchez. Always have thought that they should have built things around his skills. But he just cannot make certain throws.



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