1. I scouted the Saints last week and saw very little from Brees and company. The only thing that scares me is kelly getting out coached by Peyton. Other than that , the Saints are ripe and Bradford should have no touble picking them apart.

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    • Neither team has a defense. My guess is that Bradford throws 3-4 TD’s, and everyone who jumped ship will come back aboard for 4 weeks.


  2. I think a lot of what you pointed out about Bradford is true. But I think he is shaking off rust. People have been jumping on Chip for making some really surprising player moves in the offseason. I give him credit for trying to shake things up and get what he wants. It may not work but at least he did not drag out a non superbowl formula like Reid did. The goal is superbowl and if Chips got a limited amount of time to produce and he thinks a different combo gives him better odds of winning it all. I have no problem with that. The guy might have some Lurie budget restrictions and has to change the pattern we have come to expect. This whole organization needs a gut check and maybe that is what Chip is doing. He is putting the pressure on the players to step their game up and take responsibility. No drama in this just raise your game. I kind of like it.

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    • Under the new CBA, every team has to spend at least 89% of their salary cap, so no team can really be but so cheap. And we did overpay of Byron Maxwell and Sam Bradford (in trade).

      As far as liking what Kelly did because it shakes things up, so far history indicates that he was more successful leaving things as still as possible. The more of him he’s injected into this team the worse it’s gotten so far.


  3. Ultimately talent is probably the #1 thing that makes a team great. We have some holes for sure but we have a young developing team. Im not ready to write Bradford off. I think we can do so much better that at least we know there is an upside.



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