1. I like Sanchez. I think Bradford was taking some cheap shots in that Falcons game. He survived. Thats a good sign.. How the Eagles run pass ration became so lopsided is a major cause for concern. The whole game was humiliating in every respect. It was like they were drunk on their preseason success. They played the first half at preseason speed. It was bad prep.

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    • Since I’m not a C-dub, I don’t hang on and date every word he says, so I’m afraid that I can’t give you book chapter and verse on that.

      In any case, it seems that I’m not the only Eagles fan who’s SOMEHOW managed to pick that notion mysteriously from the ether. But maybe it wasn’t Kelly who said it. Perhaps we heard it from Mo Cheeks, or Hulk Hogan. It may have been a drunken tweet from Kanye West. Who knows?

      It may even have come from the notion of signing two FA RB’s to big contracts, while not seriously talking extension with our QB.

      Meh. Who knows? 🙂


  2. This team has become dink and dunk with Captain Check-down at the helm. Heck I miss Foles right now. At least he’s willing to challenge the defense with an occasional deep ball. All I know is if Bradford doesn’t go deep the linebackers will be crushing our receivers over and over again and the running backs will be facing 8 in the box all the time. He’s a first overall pick and frankly I don’t see him making the players around him better, meanwhile Foles is with the Rams making all those “bums” look like ballers. I thought they were the reason Bradford looked so bad?

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  3. I disagree with that completely. Right now, Im not seeing any separation by these receivers. Maclin kept defenses honest. Im not sure which guy out there can even go over the top. They looked slow on offense. They better get the run game going or its going to be a long season. This team might not be tough enough.


    • This team is DEFINITELY not tough enough. You usually don’t get tough teams when you have an offense minded HC. That’s why I wanted Gus Bradley or Vic Fangio. It’s why I wanted Cowher over Gruden.


  4. Right now these N/S backs (Murray and Mathews) have a combined 15 yards. For the record that’s 115 yards less than Shady. Funny Shady actually had a 15 yard run against the Patriots so in essence he out gained our big brushing backs on one play. PATHETIC!



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