8 comments on “EAGLES vs FALCONS PREVIEW

  1. Love it Eagle, my guru!! Will I be famous now? Yes, Matt Ryan has many fans out here in Chester Co. But, screw them…..I think our mighty birds are going to destroy those dirty birds. FLY!


  2. The Eagles lay an egg and show lack of prep early on. This one is on Chip. Teamm starts conservative and acts like a bunch of punks. No heart. Ravens give 60 minutes eagles give 30 minutes in losses.

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  3. The Eagles have talented players on defense but the game plan was horrible. You do not give Julio Jones man defense throughout a half. Thats suicide. On the offensive side of the ball you have to establish a pass game and run game early. The play calling was vanilla and almost looked self defeating. A team that can start weak like that is not ready to win superbowls. Play 60 minutes all the time.

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