1. I like him but I do not think he will come as cheap as you might think. Not only that do you want an injury prone backup to and injury prone starter? I told you I liked Bradford way back and I’ve watched a lot of RG. He can play but I do not think we need that controversy here in Philly. Timing is off. Plus , give Sanchez credit . He knows the system and is a solid backup. Maybe the best backup in the league. And he probably could start for a bunch of teams. We are good at QB position.

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    • I can’t disagree with any of what you said here, but I’m less concerned with the QB being injury prone. I said last year that the way to stop this system is hit the QB. (Late if you have to.) Our system ( and our Offensive Line) will not yield a 16 game starter, so the emphasis should be on talent not durability.


  2. RG’s career has taken a significant slide backwards. But, something tells me that the problem on that team goes far beyond his skills. I think Gruden is on a short leash and could get canned with a bad season. Its a shame that this young man with a ton of natural ability and heart has been so mis managed. He looks like a punching bag out there. Some part of it is self inflicted but isn’t there any leadership on that pathetic skin squad?

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