7 comments on “CHANGING OF THE GUARD

  1. I don’t understand why their getting rid of Evans either.Do you think Chip thinks he his scheme can produce without a good o-line?


    • Kelly seems to think he can get production out of ANY player. We’ll see how many playoff wins he gets out of the deal.


  2. I think Kelly is blaming Foles and Shady for the lack of production of his offense. I think he feels he can win with the other guys as long as his back hits the holes and his quarterback is smart with the football. I think some of this does have some validity after all three yard gain form a N/S runner is better than five yard loss cause Shady is trying to channel Barry Sanders. Far too many turnovers and third and longs last season. We will see if it all works in the end.


    • I doubt that it changes anything.
      When Kelly got here he told everyone he didn’t need a mobile QB, since Foles could made quick reads and deliver the ball. (You and I had some classics over that.) According to Kelly, Foles was his guy for the next 1,000 years. So throwing Foles under the bus this quickly (and for Sam Bradford?), just seems less than above board.
      Comparing Shady’s negative runs against a north-south runner’s 3 yard gains will of course make Shady look bad, but it negates TWO facts: 1) He spent WAY more time going forward than backward, and 2) He gained more yards than most of those runners while contributing to more wins than losses.
      I myself prefer a between the tackles run game, but I’m not about to catch amnesia and act like McCoy was the source or this teams problems while they ranked most years among the top offenses.


    • I’m not one of the people who are ripping Shady now. I’m just trying to do my best at trying to figure out the erratic mind of Chip Kelly. I’m not sure if his plan will work. I just hope he doesn’t se the franchise too far back when it’s over.


    • I think he bit off more than he can chew.
      What was the word that McCoy used? Panic.
      Brother, you’d better believe it.


  3. Its always about money. Its not the erratic coach . Lurie’s press display about Shady was a load of crap.



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