1. Lurie will have this team on the sale block shortly. He got what he came for. He got a sweetheart deal form Philly . He has pocketed tons of cash and his team is as valuable as it probably ever will be. He does not want a superbowl so whats keep him from selling? Nothing. That will be the final insult to Philly fans.


  2. While saddened by a lot of what you wrote, I do agree that any business should let employees know the basis (but not all the details) of a boss being fired. Even if they don’t agree with said reasoning, at least they can know what is expected of them by upper management.


    • While treating their current employees in a cavalier manner, it seems the Eagles have forgotten that in their field they recycle and up-cycle a lot of the people in their industry. Those people are looking at the organization as much as the organization is looking at them.


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