1. From what I saw yesterday and against GB, I’m sorry to say we’re not going far in the playoffs (and we still have to clinch a spot) again. I am always shocked when I see people praising Bill Davis. I’ve heard Foles is getting closer and closer to being healthy enough to play. Let’s hope that’s one of our answers! PLEASE SWEEP DALLAS!!!! PLEASE sweep the Skins and the Giants, too!


    • Beating Dallas should happen. When we beat them on Thanksgiving, it wasn’t close, or the result of a fluke play, or missed call, or anything like that. We took away not 1, not 2, but THREE of their primary weapons. I’d be shocked if we lost the next game.

      As far as the Defense, just looking at how many times Bill Davis dialed up 3 and 4 man pass rushes, told the story of just how little he gets it. As a result Wilson broke containment ALL DAY.

      It was simple: 6 man front, (5 mush rushers, and 1 spy). You could contain Lynch AND Wilson with that. Instead Davis opted for 4 and 5 man fronts. What was worse, is just like the New Orleans game, he didn’t make any adjustments at the half; so what beat us early was still beating us late.


  2. First and foremost I think we saw what a difference a quarterback can make. Wilson is the truth. He’s a guy who made the plays he had to make on third down. Our quarterback was incapable of doing so. Also we say Sanchez get a taste of what Foles has dealt with all season. A struggling line, struggling run game, and turnovers. What happened? He looked worse than Foles. So all this talk about him being the better option than Foles is simply nonsense. In fact I would go as far as to state if Sanchez had been starting since week one we would be in a perfect position to draft Mariota right now, cause Sanchez is not better than Foles other than his ability to throw on the run. The bottom line is we need our quarterback healthy again.


    • Sanchez won’t be here in 2015. That’s why he’s on a one year deal. So anyone looking at it as Foles vs Sanchez is missing the point entirely.


    • This is a Sanchez/Foles thing. Some people just after the Houston game wanted to lock Sanchez up long term. They’re out of their friggin minds.



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