9 comments on “WINTER IS COMING.

  1. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck. That game was horrible. Nice to see what happens when we actually see 8 men fronts. Fucking kelce cracks me up with his ” we seen them all last year anyway”. Desean was missed today.

    Anyway flip how’s it going ? I’m on a two week suspension from eagles message board cause I quoted The Rock and his love for shining twisting and shoving things up people’s candy ass and it was a fucking bears fan.

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    • I think we did miss DJax, but fans were so busy blaming Foles, that they probably didn’t notice that. Our only deep pass didn’t happen until a back-up Safety jumped the wrong route.

      But this are going alright here. Not as many regular comments as I’d like but as you can see, they’re all quality. Yes, even the ones that disagree with me.

      I’m banned from the EMB. I could appeal it but I didn’t like being treated like a child with everything I’m not allowed to say. I like being able to say whatever shit is on my fucking mind, without worrying about the Word Cops.


    • I absolutely believe they missed Jackson, but we also have to remember that Foles really hasn’t had a lot of practice with Cooper or Maclin thanks to their injuries. It really was the first time the group spent more than a quarter together. Foles didn’t trust what he saw out of the group so he was constantly late. I think once they get their timing together things will get better, but the offensive line is now a serious issue. Maybe they need to give Incognito a call.

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  2. The game left open a lot of unanswered questions but they dominated an inferior team and got away from a potential disaster. Im not sure Im ready to say we are the class of this classless division but we won and thats what matters right now. Foles weaknesses wrere clearly exposed and without Jackson he doesnt have a quick safety valve. Chip needs to dial up a little more creativity and Sproles proved again his value as a veteran winner. He saved the day. One more turnover and Im afraid Foles could have been yanked.

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    • I doubt Kelly would have yanked Foles. Kelly is in the cat-bird seat. He can’t lose here. If Foles looks great then Kelly gets that credit. If not Kelly has the impetus to draft Marcus Mariota and fans can say little to it.

      But oh yeah does Foles miss DJax. Actually so does Kelly, but he doesn’t realize it yet. In the GAME section on here I re-cap the Jags game and get into some of that.


  3. The first half of this game sucked, but the second half was just fine by me. On top of that the rest of this division is so terrible that the Eagles just need to be above average and they’re still likely to sweep it! Finally I just thought I would add a tidbit of what Chiefs fans are getting. Just a reminder of the bad old days.

    “I’ve got to do a better job on my end of putting the quarterback and the rest of the offense in a better position to make plays,” Reid said. “Not giving (No.) 25 the ball more than seven times is negligence on my part, also.

    “This offense is best when there’s balance. I’ve got to make sure I maintain that and continue to give your best player, or one of your best players, the football.”

    Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/sports/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/article1947396.html#storylink=cpy

    Reid also went on to say that a cover 3 and 4 defense makes it harder to run the friggin football. Gotta love Andy Reid if he’s not coaching your team.

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