1. We definitely have ” tough guys ” on our defense. Maybe not like the old day ” tough guys ” but we do have some modern day ones out there on Sundays! Damien Square is for example the epitome of a ” tough guy ” he is big, strong and earned his way through brut force. Also I would go with Ryan’s, yes he isn’t the old days type but he is the leader the no nonsense type, the I will lay you out then pick off a pass type of player. The term ” tough guy ” has had to evolve since the old days due to our league evolving. A lot of defensive players have to be tough to make it, here is a list of real tough guys on our squad, offense and defense.
    Damien Square, Flethcher Cox, Demeco Ryans, Trent Cole, Earl Wolff, Jason Peters, Jason Kelce and Cedric Thorton….


    • Jason Kelce admitted to being too intimidated to TALK to Andy Reid. I suppose the definition of tough HAS changed.
      Iplayed my rookie season with a tear in my taint and didn’t miss a start. I once knocked a guy out the game for late hitting my QB, and I have jersey with a Pennsauken players helmet paint still in it from 2001. It’s called paint transfer and it’s a term generally used in conjunction with car crashes. Yet there it sits on my shoulder IMPOSSIBLE to wash out or even scratch out without removing a layer of the fabric.
      I guess I expect NFL players to be more devastating than I was.


  2. One thing is certain. Maclin is no tough guy. Offensively we have a few tough guys. Celek, Peters, Mathis, and Shady comes to mind. People may not view Shady as tough, but he talks trash, takes a beating and then gets back up. On defense they may be a little harder to spot. I watched Mike Jenkins play against the Patriots last season. He was more of a physical player than I thought he was. He won’t confuse anyone with Ronnie Lott, but he can play at the line of scrimmage and make some plays.


    • Yeah, I too think Celek is a tough guy.

      As far as defenders though, I can’t think of one who I feel if I got my hands on, that I couldn’t control (provided he didn’t blow past me). Guys like Reggie White, and Darwin Walker were just flat out stronger than the guy they lined up against; and even if you got a latch, it was a rodeo ride.

      We also don’t have anybody that other NFL players fear here. Players talk about Singletary, and Butkus, and Ray Lewis with a kind of reverence that no Eagles defender has inspired for a while now. I’d like to see a guy who other players watched for, like Joyner, Muddy Waters, or Dawkins.



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