• The only problem with that is that Kelly doesn’t really use his TE’s in pass pro. That point is also referenced in the Sheil Kapadia article I mentioned further up the page. It’s also AGAIN referenced by the ‘skins fan in his breakdown.

      Kelly uses his TE’s and Backs to chip as they release into a route, but not really as hardcore sit and fight types. It’s just not his M.O.


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  2. Surprised no one pointed this out already. If you 1) rush 6 and 2) play cover 2 behind it, Chip will win the numbers game outside. He will simply thin out the box and and attack on the outside. He will also attack in the middle behind the rushers.

    First, remember the qb in our offense “blocks” one of the rushers essentially with the read on the handoff. If not, qb gets 5 yards a pop. So the advantage is not quite what you think it will be.

    Next, 6 rushers means 5 defenders in cover 2 left against 5 eagles (4 receivers and 1 RB). Too easy. If I’m Chip I stack the receivers up 2 by 2 on either side then send one in Orbit motion to the other side. Now 3 by 1. If cover 2 doesn’t shift, Orbit player gets it. If D shifts RB gets it to the other side which will now no longer have the MLB.

    Oh and I haven’t even mentioned quick dig or curl routes to the middle of the field which is now vacated by middle linebacker and rushing 6
    The point of this offense is we win no matter what the D does! Unless our o- line starts whiffing on blocks or our players execute the plan poorly.

    Excited for 2015!


    • And yet teams like Green Bay, San Fran, Arizona, Seattle and even Washington w(TWICE) seem to have figured out how to keep wraps on our scheme. The RAS/Spread/Whatever it’s called today was figured out years ago. Kelly combined aspects of the game that already existed. He didn’t re-invent the game or even invent a new wrinkle.
      But it’s good to see that you’re excited for 2015.


  3. The Eagles in 91 beat the R n S with a base 4-3 defense. They simply beat the Oilers up and took their will to play. The Eagles aren’t built for a physical game. Even with the “upgrades” this team is going to have a hard time facing tough competition. With that being the case Chip’s frantic pace does provide a challenge to most defenses. It can wear a team out fast, but a defense filled with athletes or poor decision making by the QB makes Kelly’s pace a liability for his own defense. Also the spread offense is a self killer in the Red Zone. Kelly really should invest in a fullback and if this team really plans to zone read with a brittle QB like Bradford he will be gone by week six.

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    • I want to believe in Chip Kelly and his system, but the biggest turnoff for me is how so many have blindly jumped on the wagon and for what? He won 20 games in two years with players who aren’t even Eagles anymore?? The funny thing is by this time Ray Rhodes also had 20 wins and a playoff victory to boot. Andy Reid had about 16 wins, but he also had a playoff victory under his belt. Rhodes had two playoff appearances and his team completely dominated a superior opponent. Chip Kelly’s team folded when it matter most in the playoffs and last season. He hasn’t earned this blind faith/loyalty these people are giving him. His system has yet to prove it can win a championship in college or in the pros.

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