7 comments on “PICKING MARCUS SMITH.

  1. I’m not sold about this either….. But Hell, who knows maybe it’s something I doubt it. But it’s not like we aren’t used to first round picks that don’t pan out. I just can’t see how he wasn’t a draft for need, and he was some how above all those other prospects (Buchannon, Marquise Lee… ect) That were there. Still, If he’s given time to adjust and grow behind Cole and learn. I guess we’ll see in a few years? For the record I broke several items in my house after the pick was announced and it sunk in.


    • LMAO! I’m sure we in the bar would have broken some things too if we were home. It’s just that with all the players that Chip kept and started from the Reid era, I think fans were hoping the FO would break away to the future in dramatic style. Instead we got a 3rd round player in the first round.

      I was stunned. I was thinking that with Mack and Barr off the board, we’d grab Jeremiah Attaochu. He has a second round grade on him, and he’d have been a reach too, but he wouldn’t have been as much of one. Especially considering that there is no way he’d be there at 54 when we pick again.


    • My Neighbors called when the Packers took Ha Ha at 21. Asking me if I was okay at first then wondering if I could keep it down. You could just see how unhappy he was that he was taken by the packers. I think I’m going to end up spending this draft drinking…. Then hope that the rest of the division doesn’t get that much better around us. Since you know Giants got Beckham, and the Cowboys got a pretty good OLineman…


    • Yeah, so far the division seems to be conceding 2014 and arming for the future.

      In my 2014 NFC East Breakdown, I mention how the ‘skins and giants are both quietly re-vamping their O-Lines, and how the Cowboys already rode their’s to the #5 offense in the NFL. The only real weak link there is Doug Free at RT, and as you can see the Cowboys grabbed an OT as the first order of business.


    • Yeah, It will only get harder if Philly doesn’t shore up their defense and grab another weapon for this offense in case Maclin either isn’t fully recovered, or he leaves next year in free agency. What do you think, do we take WR in round 2? Or one using one of the 2 picks we have in round 3? There are still some quality receivers on the board that could make an impact in this system.


  2. I think just froma PR standpoint the Eagle HAVE TO draft a WR early. After not being told WHY DeSean Jackson was released, fans (read: ticket and merchandise buyers) at least want to know that that base is covered. Also with Chip saying the team want to go in “another direction at WR”, it would probably help if they actually went in a direction.

    It’s a deep draft at WR this year. There are guys slotted for the 4th who in other years would be seen as 2nd rounders. That’s why I’ve been so against trading up to get any WR.

    As far as who’s out there, I like Donte Moncrief. He’s big, runs good routes and does damage after the catch. He’s not a burner, just a young WR with solid tools you can build on.


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