6 comments on “NICK FOLES WEIGHS IN.

  1. I think this is all about money. The Eagles are too cheap to pay him, and instead of everyone focusing on THAT truth, they are looking for something else for everyone to focus on.


  2. I don’t think it was JUST about money. If it was they would have tried to restructure the deal and give more guaranteed money, like he actually said he wanted. I think it was part the money, more so Kelly being roseman being pussies. They bitched up cause they thought desean may have ties to a murderer. The man was proven innocent. Well maybe not innocent, but he was cleared of the charges. Either way he walked. So did desean. He signed with the skins fast as hell. Now we get to deal with his playmaking ability with a coach who doesn’t give a shit about defense. Sure deseans production can be replaced, but then we have to stop him too. Bad move eagles, bad move.


    • There was no room to do restructures with him, Cole and Celek or Casey under contract. 2014 was never the issue, but 2015 and 2016!

      Follow me on this. With the Eagle being up against the cap in 2015, and Foles being due for a REAL contract come 2016, (along with new deals for Mychal Kendricks and Lane Johnson), there was no room to move any money around in the future.

      The Eagles are going to try rolling over as much cap as they can (14.63 million) from 2014 to 2015, but even that only gives them a little relief. It’s even less if the rookie class digs into them this year, more than last years class did ( https://eaglemaniacal.com/2014/04/18/when-it-happens-dont-forget-to-laugh/ )

      Roseman did no one any favors giving out some of the contracts (DJax, Cole, Shady, Casey etc.) that he did. Worse yet this year he over-paid yet again (Cooper and Kelce).


    • I hear ya flip. But I would cut cole, Casey, Williams, Todd, and maybe celek. Replacing them all with rookies this year. Ryans would either have to restructure or be cut as well. None of these players are so good we can’t replace them. Hell Goode may be able to replace Ryans. But I’d still go after christian jones. Taking deseans contract from 12 million or whatever it would have been to idk 8-9 million would have helped just like taking peters down 2 million. It wasn’t gonna be the end of the moves roseman would have to make, but it would have helped and not made wr a position of huge need. We still needed a wr, possibly this year, but now we are in desperate need of one.


    • We’ll get a WR. This Draft is too deep for us not to.

      As far as cutting TE’s Celek and Casey, I think that’s why we’re going to see so much Ertz this year. To see if he can take the weight. When I think of the Eagles 2014 Offense, I imagine something closer to what the Patriots run, (which doesn’t require a DJax type player).



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