7 comments on “NOTHING HAS CHANGED

  1. I never took seriously the idea that he’d be released. Traded on the other hand, I’m still waiting for it. I think most are, despite “the Tweet”. That and as you can see if you look around the site, no one has yet to dispute it. I think even the people who WANT to believe he’s staying no longer trust the Eagles when they go quiet.


  2. I feel that. I wanted to come on a write a story but I don’t get dets like that. You got it up here like you got sources an I’m all GO EAGLES an 5hit.


    • Oh no! If you just want to come on and say “GO EAGLES!” by all means do that!
      Most blogs are for the person who set it up to preach at others. I’m all about getting others to preach.
      And BTW: No needed to mask your profanity here. This isn’t the Eagles Message Board. Except for a few words (f-word, c-sucker, etc) I’m under the impression that we’re all grown-ups and don’t need someone monitoring everything we say.
      So type shit all you want.




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