1. I agree 100% and it does make Roseman look bad. He signed the contract and it’s not the first time Roseman has made some questionable decisions. The 2015 cap crunch is all on Roseman. Frankly the moves so far seem to be made in the fly. Prior to free agency Rosmean discussed how the receiver situation would be so difficult alluding to the fact Maclin or Cooper would be gone the. He resigned both of them. Then the team fell in love with the receiver in this draft. Someone had to go and it was Jackson and his money.


    • I think if fans had heard that Jackson was leaving because Roseman can’t forecast a budget, fans would want Roseman gone too. Which then calls Lurie into question.
      Now we have a situation where we’ve handed a loaded gun to an enemy, and none of the guys on our side really know why. Between that and the Evan Mathis thing, it makes you wonder how “bought in” players will actually be.
      My guess is when push comes to shove, players will opt for being cut FROM the team over taking a pay cut FOR the team. Especially in light of how well it worked out for DJax.


    • Why wouldn’t he? It worked out HUGE for Jackson even if the causal fan thinks (mistakenly) that the Eagles are the side that came out ahead in all this.
      Jackson is still on the books for the remaining 6 million he was still due for the signing bonus he got with his new deal. There is no way the Eagles can get out of that obligation. So in a sense it’s guaranteed money.
      Jackon is going to miss out on the 30-32 million that he would have gotten this year and over the following 2 from the Eagles, but not a dime of that was guaranteed. However the 24 million he’s getting from the ‘skins comes with 16 guaranteed, which means he’s gone from a guaranteed 6 million (Eagles) to a guaranteed 22 million (Eagles + ‘skins). There is no way that something like that has escaped the attention of athletes and agents.
      So Jackson has made out like a bandit and the Eagles now have to spend a Draft pick to patch a hole. Meanwhile some fans are walking around applauding Chip for Howie’s mistake.


    • Yup. Chip needs to realize this isn’t college and you can’t fuck with a mans money/living. And you sure as hell can’t just turn around and replace them that easily. You don’t win in the nfl with scrubs like jeff maehl.


    • And that’s the biggest problem that I think college coaches have with transitioning to the pro’s. Dealing with grown men with contracts who are sometimes known internationally, is different than dictating to what equates to an indentured servant.
      Also when a guy leaves college under a cloud, it doesn’t affect whether other COLLEGE athletes will want to go to that college later. DJax leaving THIS WAY, will impact whether or not top NFL FA players want to come here. Consider that even players for the Eagles don’t know why this happened, and the perception is that the Eagles slandered DJax on the D.L.
      If you’re a top-shelf FA, you don’t want to be somewhere that you could be cut for “no reason”, miss out on tens of millions, have to move, learn a new system (hopefully in time), and then have people look at you with a raised eyebrow. Anybody coming here NOW will hit us up for guaranteed money like whoa.
      DJax’s case was different as he’s arguably the most explosive player in the game, but to another player with us being willing to simply give away a player like that, it makes us look either stupid, or unstable. Either way it doesn’t say ‘security for you and your family’.
      Remember when FA ‘s came here to just to work with Andy? Seems like ancient history now.


    • Part of the reason I said keep Andy fire Marty and tell chip if he wants to escape the college penalties it will have to be as an OC for the eagles to take him.

      I miss banner and heckert. They knew how the nfl works.



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