1. I absolutely agree about Long. I might have disagreed in 2017 but he is an important component moving forward. We need some young talent at DE since its safe to assume Graham will not be back. But a couple vets like Bennett and Long will keep position stable. I also think the RB position needs a complete revamp. I would like Sproles back for very limited use , Clement for 3rd and 4th string production , smallwood for hazard insurance. Other than that I wouldnt mind seeing significant resources used to solidfy our RB situation. We need two good backs like Hunt and a #2 pick in draft. We need a physical durable back. Ajai might be a nice 8 carry a game back but he cant be relied upon to carry the load. He is a reckless runner and as much as he is effective vs opponents he runs the same risk of hurting himself. We have a few spots to fill at OL DT DE and maybe CB and WR. I see Eagles coming back strong in 2019 with a home playoff game vs Saints hopefully.

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