1. I enjoyed this article. The Eagles have a long road ahead and I think they are currently benefiting from a weak schedule so far. The Cardinals should by all accounts be another win. But they are not exactly playing good football right now. I don’t believe they can run the table but there are only about 4-5 games left on the schedule that prove to be truly challenging. That will hold true until Zeke gets suspended. This team, if they stay healthy, could be 11-5 at season’s end. Which will be a false 11-5 due to there schedule. I am remaining cautious as the seasons goes on.

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    • We won’t get any credit for 11-5 if we do make it. That said, by seasons end, if we’re 11-5 it will be the real deal. Let me explain.
      Remember when you were a kid and lifting a dresser was hard? It’s easy today, but that’s because as a kid you developed real muscle pushing yourself.
      The games that this young team has played have challenged them, and they’re learning good habits, attitude and work ethic along the way.
      Those things will carry through, regardless of what the schedule does through the years. So stay excited. We’re about to be good for a while.

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    • I agree. I believe we are two years away This team still needs help in certain areas. They are on the right path. They look a lot like the 02 team. Ahead of their time.

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