2 comments on “Ps G4: JETS

    • You did used to get crap about Coleman. I always said that our Safeties were used wrong, with us playing so much Single-high coverage. It’s something I continued to say (all over this site) after Coleman and Reid were both gone.
      Coleman like many Eagles DB’s (Macho Harris, Earl Wolff, Jaiquawn Jarrett, etc.) were playing in a system that made every DB look bad. I KEPT talking about how lack of Safety help was what was hurting our CB’s.
      No matter who we brought in at CB, all of a sudden none of them could play anymore. And no one but me seemed to get why.
      What’s funny is that today, our CB’s aren’t nearly as talented, but because they’re going to get Cover Two help, they’re going to look like Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor out there.



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