12 comments on “SAM BRADFORD WON’T BE BACK

    • I’m sure it’s all that ironic. I think it’s more just fallout from the way the Eagles are organized, and have been organized since even before Lurie bought the team. This will happen again.


  1. Moving on is for losing franchises. The fact is the Eagles should always commit to being the best year to year. Because building blocks is only part of the equation these days. Most of the time its about talent on the field at any given time and coordinating timing. This is something the Eagles never have timing whether purposefully or not. They are always missing something. Well missing a qualified QB is a big deal. Like it or not Bradford places you in the game. Can a guy like Rg3? Probably but is it going to happen overnite? Doubt it. Now you have Lurie scouting Qbs at the Senior bowl does it get anymore embarrassing? He is not a hands on owner. Really? With a rookie QB we are on a collision course with the bottom of the division. And a bad choice puts us there for years. And then the maturing talent we have gets wasted. I think a smart choice would be to tag Bradford take the cap space hit and draft the best available QB. We have talent and need depth. But going with a rookie QB guarantees us at least one wasted season probably two and potentially a longer term disaster.


    • Fans did this same whining act when they booed McNabb’s drafting. How DID that work out? Meanwhile we’ve avoided drafting a franchise type QB since we let go of McNabb and how many playoff wins has THAT strategy yielded? When empirical data meets up with anecdotal data, you have to be fool to ignore it. I refuse to be a fool.


  2. Mcnabb was not a high risk pick. He was #3 pick in draft and considered a guaranteed pro calibur QB. He was not booed. That was because Eagles passed on Ricky Williams. Our 13th pick does not put us in that elite sure fire pick category. Recent Qbs picked in that range- Geno Smith, Manziel, Bridgewater…etc They may be talented but all three could crap out. At least with Bradford we know we are winning games and probably will have a winning season. You dismiss his pedigree too easily. Its important we build our oline first and develop some more players in other areas for depth. Now is not the time to let this current class get jettisoned to start new. Guys like Ertz , Johnson , Cox and Matthews are primed to compete. I cannot imagine this team will make them objects for a rookie Qbs mistakes. Bad strategy


    • McNabb wasn’t booed??? I seem to recall a shit-ton of belly aching for weeks by a considerable portion of this fan base. Despite their disapproval the Eagles enjoyed their best era behind his play. Every player you draft is a risk, but the last 7 years have shown that being afraid of risk has already yielded failure. Taking a QB this year is a wise move. I’ve already said that I wouldn’t go high for one in 2016, but I would certainly get one this year.


  3. You laughed at Kurt Coleman . Leads Panthers defense in INTs. He was a solid player for Eagles.


    • I never laughed at Coleman or for that matter Nate Allen. I was also one of a handful that defended Nnamdi. The Secondary’s issue was NEVER the players. Well except for Considine. he sucked.



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