1. When will they get rid of Miles Austin. The guy is a disgrace. I think Sanchez has a decent game vs Bucs. In a 24 -14 win. Sanchez will prove capable of winning games and put Bradford on path back West. The horrible division offers many surprises.


  2. Bucs were not gracious in their NFC championship victory at the vet. Warren Sapp claimed the Eagles had “no heart”. That was not very friendly but somewhat accurate.


  3. I will no longer pick them to win another game so long as this fraud of a head coach is still here. Somebody pack him and his snarky attitude up and ship him and his bull shit Culture out of town.

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    • I was skeptical about Kelly, but I gave him the benefit of doubt since he was their guy, but he’s slowly annoyed the crap out of me every season with one move or another, and when he made the power play for the GM job I knew things would go south. They have ever since. If Lurie had balls he would fire this guy come season end. He’s not the guy who can take the Eagles to a championship. Heck I doubt he can even take them to a playoff win.



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