1. I knew Maclin had other options. I’m shocked how well Chip Kelly has conned so many people. Someone actually wrote on the Eagles website that this time the Eagles walk into free agency with someone competent. So revisionist history has made the winningest coach in franchise history incompetent?? You don’t have to like Andy Reid, but people are now just making up shit to make Chip look better. I pointed out that the incompetent guy and the competent guy are sporting the exact same records right now over the past two seasons with their respective teams. Of course Andy took over a team that was actually worse record wise. Chip just got rid of all the guys who win him ten games like a friggin buffoon. My guess is the incompetent guy breaks the tie this season.

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    • I don’t think that Chip has conned anyone. I think there are a number of fans who simply don’t look past the W/L column. It’s hard to understand the nuances of the game when you marinade your brain in beer whenever and Eagles game comes on, and if you don’t pay attention to any team except your own.

      Many fans lack a sense of perspective, which affects perception. In the end they only know what they’re told, and they have nothing to judge it against besides division rivals who they hate anyway. It’s a convenient, perpetual ignorance, underpinned by the fear of looking like a “fake fan”.

      Meanwhile the emperor strolls naked down the street.



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