2. Im not a super fan of McCoy but he is a solid presence. It would be a big mistake to tinker with him. Draft a new RB and use a tandem. But to let him go would be a tremendous setback and be a big challenge for Foles to overcome an offense without a back.

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  3. It’s going to become difficult to trade Shady unless he’s willing to restructure and that also will mean he’s going to have to be willing to go to that team. I don’t think there’s going to be many poor teams he’s going to want to be traded to. I think it would be best not to include McCoy in any type of move to get Mariota. If anything trade him to a contender (someone like New England or Baltimore maybe?) and package those additional picks in with any type of Move for Mariota. All in all I think it would cost a ton to get close enough to get a legit shot to MM so it’s likely not going to happen. Giving up in McCoy is troubling, because right now on the roster we have an older smaller back, and a bigger injury prone back as his replacements. I could see if we already had a future back (from Duece to Westbrook to Shady), but at the moment we have nothing really. I’m not a fan of Polk for nothing more than some short yardage runs. If he were to become an every down back he would be out of the league in two years.



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