3 comments on “START MATT BARKLEY

  1. All of these points make valid sense to me. I wish Foles were well enough to play some of his rust off. You have me stumped for quite awhile trying to figure our what position a SAK was, lol. Thought it was some kicker position I possibly never heard of. Here’s to 2015.

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    • All season long I’ve thought the Sanchez/Foles argument was a stupid one since I figured Sanchez was leaving and we’ll draft a QB high anyway.
      However, if Sanchez starts this last game, it could indicate that Chip liked enough of what he saw to keep him around another year.


  2. Our season was on life support after the D Jax witch hunt. These are the things that ultimately fracture a locker room and lead to late season collapses. Is the Kelly system losing steam? The owner in this case undermined the coach by forcing a payroll deduction. 20 years! Time to question Jeff Lurie.



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