1. I think this is a game where you’re gonna see a lot of Ertz,Sproles, and McCoy again. As far as the matchup goes I think the TEs and backs fair better for the Eagles than the receivers. Riley Cooper does need to step up his game this week though.


    • If we win, in the long run it won’t matter how we do it.

      But if we lose…DJax cannot be allowed to look better than our #1 since technically he’s the ‘skin’s #2.
      It would also leave both us and the ‘skins at 2-,1 with them getting the early division lead via the head-to-head match-up. The sub-text on that would be that Chip Kelly (and Howie Roseman) simply handed the division to the Redskins in the offseason, (as their fans have been saying since it happened).


  2. I expect a tough Eagle /skin matchup. Its always close and this game should be no different. Im not sold on the Qbs in Washington and think Eagles Dbs should help contain any WR threat they have. The Eagles secondary is pretty good and everyone is improving. I like the idea of smith taking snaps in kendricks spot. He may suprise people with his athletic ability. He also may get burned bad. This will be a fun game.


    • I have some doubts about our coverage underneath. team already had that when Kendricks was in, with him out….Also the communication inside vs the run won’t be at it’s best against teh best RB we’ve faced so far this year.



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