1. I would love to see what SANCHEZ has in Chip’s system! I think he does have all the intangibles FOLES has plus!!! Just needs the correct system an COACHING! Other then that…. LETS GO MARIOTA!!!!!!


    • I have to give him the benefit of the doubt, I guess. It’s not like the Jets were an offensive juggernaut that bogged down once Sanchez got there.


    • Which is all I ever expect when any back-up has to take over. It kills me when people act like the back-up is supposed to be starter quality when half the time starters aren’t even starter quality.

      When your back-up comes in and your season is still alive, it’s not the norm. We here in Philly have been spoiled since the 80’s when we could yank out Jaworski and put in Cunningham. After that we had Cunningham and WHOA BOY!

      Remember 1991? Bryce “That Asshole” Paup took out Randall in the first game, and we went through Jeff Kemp, Jim McMahon, Brad Geobel and we even brought a guy out of retirement and we still went 10-6. Then McNabb and Feeley, McNabb/Garcia, McNabb/Kolb/Vick, Vick/Foles…Even Foles/Sanchez is better than most have, but if Sanchez ends up starting it’s silly to expect big results.



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