2 comments on “TWO?! REALLY?!

  1. My only thoughts here are, maybe Maclin doesn’t come back to form, maybe they don’t try to resign him to a big deal next year. Huff knows the system, and both are strong blockers. They might just be taking advantage of the WR rich draft to get ahead let them develop then see if Maclin asks for a ton of money. That was my only thought on it. I wasn’t thrilled with the Second WR. But I love Jordan Matthews. Everything I’ve seen and heard makes him a good physical snatch the ball in the air reciever which we have lacked for what seems like forever. Also Led the SEC in Yards and Receptions. Solid pick. As for Huff, he blocks, knows the system, can help stretch the field, isn’t afraid to go over the middle like DeSean. Has some drop problems, but that can be worked on. Is a PR/KR which will help the special teams. Also since he knows the system in place he can most likely contribute right away instead of having to adjust to the system. So he’d be a nice fourth wide receiver. Yes, still not a fan of the pick. But looking at the upside. My guess is Maclin, Benn or Both will not be back next year depending on price.


    • Unless we’re going to consider 4 wide our base formation, I think this pick was WAAAAAAAAY too soon. While we may not have gotten Huff had we waited (Oregon offensive players haven’t exactly set the NFL on fire in the last decade), we would have gotten a talented 4th WR.

      Also if we go 4 wide, then that means we sit Sproles, and all 3 TE’s. It’s a lot of options, but considering Brent Celek and James Casey’s 4 mill each, Sproles 3, and Ertz’s 1, it seems like we could use that money in places besides the bench. Particularly if we’re sitting these guys for cheaper rookies.

      It’s like no one is really paying attention to the outcomes of the decisions being made.



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