1. This one is pretty easy for me. I would be ok trading our next years first round for Sammy Watkins, but it would take a lot more than that to move up all the way to two or three. I dont want to give up anything more than that because of the defensive needs we have. The perfect scenario for me is Anthony Barr falling into the teens and us trading a third round pick OR Brandon Graham and a 5th rounder to move up and snag him.

    I totally agree that we can’t have this guy go to Dallas, he really could be the next Demarcus Ware. I am ok to stay at 22 as well, this is a deep draft and there should be some good WR’s or Corner’s still left at that spot. I really think this draft is going to shape our team for several years to come.


    • I think a press has to be put on to move into the Top 10 to grab Barr. Especially since a premium pass rusher would improve the entire Defense in one move.

      As far as a WR , we can get one in the 2nd. I think so many people spend time looking at the guys the media hypes for the 1st round that they haven’t really looked (though we’ve all heard it), at how deep WR is this year.

      This year you have guys like Donte Moncrief (whom I like) with a 2nd round tag who in most years would be seen as a 1st round pick. Then you have guys like Shaquelle Evans and Devin Street, both with 4th round tags, who in most years would have bottom 2nd round tags on them. The position is so deep it’s almost criminal to move up for one.



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