1. I’ve been thinking this since we got Kelly. I’m just hoping we win too many games and aren’t in position to draft him. Also hope no team views foles as high as we do and won’t trade their first for him.


    • The only way to NOT see this, is to not want to see it. Kelly is an efficiency specialist. As far as not tipping his hand, the guy is WAYYYYY to easy to peg.
      That’s not necessarily a bad thing if Chip doesn’t pull an Andy and try to out-clever everyone. Mike Ditka was also as an easy read, as was Bill Parcells, and Bill Cowher.
      Kelly’s problem is that he thinks he’s slick because he’s spent his life dealing with grown men who still had their new car smell. These are grown ass men here.
      Threatening to trade Evan Mathis like he had something better to fall back on. If I was Mathis I’d have publicly dared them to. We’d see just who wore the pussy tonight!



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