6 comments on “NEXT TO GO: LESEAN MCCOY?!

  1. Irresponsible journalism, this is a joke. It’s always Shady in Philadelphia, he didn’t miss his exit interview or whine about his contract!!!


    • Well I’m not actually a journalist. I’m just a regular fan like yourself. I just put this site up so fans could say what was on their mind.
      As far as the article, it’s just speculation based on the upcoming 2015 salary cap problem and the Eagles past behavior. For all I know it could be years before they cut him, or they could trade him during the Draft. This is just conversation.
      If you want you can even post on here. Start a conversation of your own. No press pass needed here.


    • Lesean is a team player. Almost proves that off field activity really doesn’t matter. What these guys do on their off time is their business. Unless it has an affect on the team. I’m almost sure if it wasn’t for Vick and Avant that cooper would have been dropped. dude owes that 25 mil to those 2.

      But with all the off field stuff some of our guys have gotten into, pretty much proves that jackson was more of a distraction on the team than off it. He must of not been liked by many players at all, and i’m starting to wonder if the 1 on 1 player exit meetings with chip if desean came up. a meeting desean didn’t show up for. thats just a thought. i sure seems like jackson and kelly were not fond of each other. Reid was jacksons father figure and he got away with a ton of shit with reid. Kelly comes in and jackson figured he was going to walk all over kelly and thought he couldn’t be replaced. He thought wrong


  2. All in all I’m not sure if this doesn’t work out for DeSean. Of the remaining 30+ million he was due as an Eagle on the the signing bonus (6M remaining) is still due to him. Adding in the guaranteed 16M (of 24) he got from the ‘skins, he’s now guaranteed 24M. We should all be so lucky!


  3. First off, I was surprised by the amount of votes. Congrats flip.

    Secondly, it will be a career ending injury. THIS YEAR. Cause without Mr. Jaccpot in the lineup he will see 8 man fronts. Hey kelce. You don’t know what the fuck your talking about or your as bad of a center as I think you are. All year we seen safeties back deep. Hell. For five and a half years that’s what we have seen. This started out as sarcasm but fucking kelce is a fucking moron who doesn’t know how to read defensive alignments. Fucking overrated.


    • I wish I could argue over the injury thing, but I can too easily see him missing time as a result of a blindside hit from a DB coming from the slot, which is something he didn’t have to worry about last year. (And I’ll soon show you why.)

      As far as the idiot Kelce, it’s no secret how I feel about him. Anytime you have a O-lineman who’s too intimidated to TALK to his HC, you don’t have anything to write home about. That I think is why he QUICKLY took the 7 year deal he was offered. He knows he’s no bid deal too.


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