3 comments on “TWO BIRDS IN THE BUSH?

  1. I don’t want Byrd. He’s gonna end up costing way too much for a player with a nagging injury that will never go away. He even went down in the pro bowl. If we are going to target two safeties I would want TJ Ward and Kendrick Lewis. We all know what Ward brings to the table, add in we have his former coaches from the Browns and college with the Chipper and I think we may be able to get him cheaper than other teams would have to pay. I get that. Byrd played with Chip at Oregon as well, but his former NFL coach is now in Cleveland and they are going to need a new safety, plus they have the cap space to push the price on Byrd high. With Kendrick Lewis we get a young guy who is a pure FS and used to playing in a 3-4. He isn’t going to eat up nearly as much of the cap, which is huge because we are going need it to resign Foles, Boykins, and Kendricks. Granted at that time Ryans contract will most likely be redone or he will be gone, but blowing money on guys is what got dallass, Oakland, and Washington into cap trouble.


    • First of all, welcome. Secondly, the injury is my only point of worry with Byrd. But the idea of a pure FS (Lewis) who’s used to a 3-4 and it’s spacings, plus TE and RB switch-offs, is a great selling point, even before cap considerations.


    • Like I was telling ez on the yard we have lots of other options at safety. I would look to bring in ward and Lewis, then draft kenny ladler safety from Vanderbilt. 5 Picks AND 5 FORCED fumbles. Now idk who recovered them fumbles but that’s a possibility of ten turnovers and that was just LAST YEAR. Byrd is a great player, when healthy, and the fact that we have to say when healthy is a big enough reason for me to not load the boat for him. Now if we got a good price on him in the 5-6 million range per year without one year being over 7 I would have to seriously think about it, but ward would be first on my list cause I believe wolff can be a FS and a pretty damn good one.



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