3 comments on “JEREMY MACLIN’S KNEE


  2. No Jackson in the Equation now. I don’t feel all that comfortable about the Maclin situation. If he does have a great season then he’s going to want to be paid like a big time receiver. It will be the Jackson situation all over again. If he doesn’t then we could find ourselves scrambling to fix this situation. I’m still not sold on Cooper as a number one guy. Not sure how Maclin will bounce back or play in this offense for that matter. For a team that absolutely needed defensive help they have now made receiver a draft priority.


    • I have to agree with that assessment. I still think pass rusher is a more dominant need, but when March arrived we were stocked at WR, now if Maclin doesn’t hold up, or isn’t explosive after the catch, this could be a loooooong 16 games.

      My thinking is that Kelly is banking on his Spread being able to operate (without a star WR) the NFL the way it did in the college ranks.

      I think he’s in for a rude awakening.



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