1. I do not agree with you Beast. I think you have to look at the situation he stepped into. First of all the offensive talent level has been completely diminished this year. He is playing behind a suspect line with very little help at the skill positions. He was much more refined than Foles. Is he as good as McNabb. Not yet and maybe never but he makes his reads and hangs pretty tough in the pocket. What I think you are right about is the read option and Bradford. Why is Chip using it if Bradford never runs. I do not understand the logic of lining up the same way when you know the QB is not a threat. It looks like Kelly wants to keep the scheme so he should get a mobile QB. Grifffin or Kaepernick? I think Bradford would be an excellent fit in Dallas. He is a round peg fitting a square hole here. Unlike you, Im not seeing Bradford as a horrible signal caller. He has skills and makes really accurate throws. Is it his fault then receivers actually suck? Is it his fault we have a lousy running game ? Is it his fault there is no OLine? If you can answer that fairly you have to conclude that he did not get a fair shot to highlight his skills.


  2. This says it all to me: “His mediocrity is almost statistically impossible.” It’s gonna be a long few years or more. Ugg.


  3. I do not think there is enough information on this guy to make that judgement. I wont say you are wrong. But, you could be very wrong here.



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