9 comments on “EAGLES vs COWBOYS PREVIEW

  1. I wish I were as confident as you sound! Sometime tell me what a “Checkdown Charlie” is pls? Can Bradford throw bombs? Does he have the arm strength? I’m hoping for a big game outta Agholor cause pre-season left me excited about him! Also, as you pointed out, where is our 3 headed monster of a run game? #LetsDoThis #BeatThemBoyz #LetsTakeFirstPlace FLY!


    • Checkdown Charlie is a derisive nickname given to QB’s who throw a lot of underneath passes and who shy away from challenging defenses. They do this to keep from throwing interceptions.

      The opposite of this would be a “Gunslinger” like Brett Favre, who hunts the big play and doesn’t let interceptions haunt him.

      Bradford has the arm and accuracy to make all the throws, the only question is will he try to. His tenure with the Rams says no.


  2. Time to serve Jeff Lurie notice. This guy is a joke of an owner and has had this revolving door for pro bowlers for years. He smears them and then ships them off.


  3. But thats the magic of Jeff Lurie. The more drama the better. He does not care about winning. He cares about the attention and the fans running around like chickens with their heads off. He has made an art form out of the anal thrust. I would not pay to see them. Sound familiar? I mean a fool would pay for that product. What a giant boring waste of time. I mean a $300 day for what? That garbage. No thanks.


    • You don’t have to go. It don’t anymore and I only buy throwback jerseys. I watch on TV. Better game to me on TV. Still you have to make a choice for yourself. Lurie won’t be leaving unless you can come up with the funds to buy him out.



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