1. Eagle, you know how much I respect your opinions. I, however am not ready to give up on Foles. I think with better protection we may see him revert to near the 27/2 QB that got us excited. i do agree that we as fans need to be heard but I don’t see how that’s helped before. Do you really think they got rid of Andy Reid because of the unhappy fans’ outcries? I sure don’t. I enjoy your blogs/articles so much. Thanks, my guru 🙂


    • I’ll not debate Nick Foles. I’ll let his fans take that up with Chip Kelly.

      A for Reid’s firing: A pissed fan base, plus losing equals crappy sales. Many Eagles fans may not remember, but they actually blacked games out locally (due to poor attendance) as recently as the Ray Rhodes era.

      (Non-confirmable: Reliable word has it that Tammy Reid was fed up with the fan base, and fans calling for Andy’s head after Garrett’s death, had her ready to leave whether Andy went with her or not.)

      Ultimately fans are customers (tickets, merchandise, advertising revenue. Too often fans forget that fact and give too little credence to our their voices (and dollars). It’s a form of adopted helplessness right where America was born.


    • There were blackout in the beginning of the Reid era. We were a horrible team back then. With that being the case the fans had nothing to do with Reid being gone. Reid winning 4 games after winning 8 the season prior has to do with that. Reid losing so many home games late in his career had to do with that. What people forget about the “Dream Team” is the fact so many of those draft picks completely sucked. On top of that Reid’s agent tried to leverage a new contract for his client through his son’s death.

      You also can’t blame the fans for the TO implosion. They are the ones that traded for him and they are the ones who gave him the crappy contract. How about some blame to Reid for allowing that situation to spin out of control? He’s telling TO he can’t do anything about it, but he was the head of PP so that was total B.S. He couldn’t bring in his star QB and his star WR into his office and tell them to cut it out? I’ve never seen this organization under Lurie (or any owner really) do one thing personnel wise cause the fans said do it. Frankly there were more fans for McNabb staying than going. There were more fans for Vick staying over going. There were few fans at all who wanted Chip Kelly. What fan wanted Howie Roseman as GM at all? You have some misplaced anger here. You’re pissed at the owner and Reid and not the fans. Reid’s contract never once said signed by the Eagles fans.


    • WHOA! You are ENTIRELY off base.
      What I said was that Management fucked up that T.O. situation.

      Your entire second paragraph deals with absolutely nothing I ACTUALLY said.


    • I didn’t IMPLY a damned thing.
      I flat out said EVERYTHING I meant to say. And I said it in no unclear terms.

      And YES, I do think fans should be vocal. Even if I happen to disagree with the masses, since I could very well be wrong.


  2. I agree with much of what you are saying but I have hardly been a cricket. As you well know I had big issues with management dating back to the whole contrived TO affair. Guys like McNabb lost their legacy towing the corporate line. The fans lost their pride. This was all well orchestrated. Look at Luries college degree. He is a master manipulator. A guy that is used to looking down on the average joe. This adds up to fans dumping money on the eagles and getting very little in return. The guy can shed all the crocodile tears he wants Im on to him. You think he went out on a limb to bring in TO? He got a bargain basement deal. It was like picking up a Ty Cobb rookie card at a yard sale. This owner has shown this town NOTHING. What has Lurie brought to Philly that owners with sweetheart deals like his havent done? Just name one!


    • Lurie brought us Andy Reid. Then when the time was right, he got out of Reid’s way and just let him work.

      As a guy who is also Raider fan TRUST ME, I can tell you not every owner has that in him. Your familiarity with, and love for the Ravens gives you a perspective that “single teamers” will never be able to grasp. That said, Lurie has his faults, but he also has his strengths.


  3. When Oriole fans talk about Peter Angelos they dont mince words. He is an arrogant crappy cheap owner. Guess what so is Jeff Lurie. Its high time that those descriptions become part of the conversation in Philly



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