1. As you and I commented last night…..YOU ARE SO RIGHT. JRoll, Chase and us deserve them to retire as Phillies, damnit!


  2. I would rather have another Championship or even a championship. (in regards to the Eagles)
    JRoll leaving does hurt, but it will soften the blow if the prospects we acquire bring us a championship. Let’s be honest here. If the fans were so excited to keep Jimmy, Ryan, Chase, and Cole then why aren’t they going to the games? At some point you have to hit the reset button and the longer it takes the longer it will be until it comes back. The thing that bothers me is I don’t trust the guys in the front office to make the right choices. I have encountered very few Eagles fans who were and are still torn apart on the trading of McNabb. Now Dawkins is another matter, but again it comes down to the replacing of players. The Eagles didn’t do a good enough job replacing these guys. If we had Aaron Rodgers waiting in the wings would anyone care all that much if we replaced McNabb? If we drafted Earl Thomas instead of the Graham/Allen Combo would anyone still be broken up about Dawkins? I doubt it. My frustrations aren’t over the fact great former Philly players leave. It’s with what these front office people get in return. Just like that real shitty Charles Barkley trade. Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Brett Favre, Pete Rose, Wayne Gretzky, Micheal Jordan, and a whole host of great players (far greater than some of our best players) have left their old teams for new ones. Teams shouldn’t be forced to overpay old guys who don’t know when their time is up to stick around.


    • And so we’ll just keep doing as we’ve always done, because we keep doing WHAT we’ve always done.

      Definition of insanity.


    • But we aren’t doing what we done. Andy Reid, and Joe Banner got rid of McNabb and Dawkins. We can’t lump them together. To be honest with you the Phillies took too damn long to drop Rollins, Utley, Howard, and Ruiz. They should have traded these guys while they were still young enough to bring something back. Now they’re old, broken, overpaid, and worthless.


    • Howard and Utley will be difficult to trade. I bet they want to move Chase to first base. I would rather see Franco or Ruff there instead.


    • I would rather keep Jimmy than either of those two, especially if it means moving chase to first. If I had as much money as the Phillies owner I’d pay Howard myself to leave. Chase is super overrated by Phillies fans cause he’s white and I mean that. If he wasn’t white people would be killing him for the way he acts and his production. Fuck that asshole, chase that is.


    • I’m pissed at the fact they took forever to move on from these guys. Now they aren’t work anything. Now they can’t get anything of value for these guys. Amaro better not screw up the Cole deal like he did with Cliff Lee and both Hunter Pence deals. How does this guy still have a friggin job?


  3. Thats why the Ravens have two superbowls. The ownership was committed. I ve been saying it for years and got rebuffed more often than not on that notion. lurie is a greedy little prick and does not deserve to own the Eagles. he swung a great sweetheart deal that I sure involved greasing somebodies palm somewhere. Thats what spoiled little rich kids do. They don’t work. they cheat.



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