1. We do beat good teams, but we don’t beat them enough. I do believe the defensive scheme is suspect. Question: Who currently on this roster is talented enough to go man to man with the other teams best receiver all game in the Packers case Jordy Nelson. Answer: none of our defensive backs are so the question becomes why in the hell do you then single cover a talent like Nelson? We can blame this one all on the defense, but I feel the offense gets blame too here. They didn’t sustain drives, Chip’s game plan was poor. He didn’t run the ball nearly enough and he ran too much shotgun in this game. Red Zone offense reverted back to being atrocious, the offensive line was bad, and the QB wasn’t good enough. The special teams also wasn’t so special even with their blocked punt. Humble pie for all this week.


    • I recently read that Chip Kelly is 2-7 vs teams over .500.
      You may classify that as not beating them enough, but that basically is saying we generally can’t beat playoff caliber teams.
      Last year we were 4th in the NFL in Offense/30th in Defense. This year we’re (so far) 4th in Offense/20th in Defense. Until we address the actual problem, all we’ll ever be is a measuring stick for other teams.
      Green Bay was just one game, but most of what lost that game was systemic and repeats every week going back to last year.


    • Last year we beat Chicago, Arizona, Detroit, and Dallas when they had winning records at th time we played them so that 2-7 record thing is a matter of perspective. I agree we need to play better against better teams, but it’s still too early in Chip’s career to try and figure out trends.


    • Even with our record, our team doesn’t have the same talent as we see on most teams that are over .500. Just the fact that Chip has taken a team that before he got here with the exception of the last year, did not draft well at all not to mention they let all the secondary players who weren’t “any good” under Reid go to other teams where most are thriving which only goes to show that Reid’s last few years were all around bad and talent can’t be judged by it and the few secondary players we have are not homegrown or much sought after or we wouldn’t be paying so low for them. Now Chip has the task of basically rebuilding which is hard to grasp with what he has done with this team.


  2. I think Chip has cobbled together a respectable team. They are not star studded but can compete. A word(compete) that is music to Jeffrey Luries ears. Saving money and competing for “championships” has always been his priority. Great teams? where ? when? It will take nothing short of a comedy of events for the Eagles to win a superbowl because on paper its not happening.


    • This team is poised to get a first round bye. It’s an attribute to this coaching staff. Chip has done a great job even with some of his own flaws.




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