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LeSean McCoy


10 comments on “HOME

  1. I have seen in social media, excuse of a “fix” in SF. Now as a very avid fan of the sport, this makes my skin crawl. Do I think there are “suspect” calls, yes.. Do I think that some sort of “cheating” happens, yes. But to lose a game, that you have said, would be a win, and blame it on a “fix”, well, that’s not a fan…. Might as well have said, “we lost due to the fire alarm”…..

  2. So here we stand 5-1. A coach 15-7. A shut out to a hated divisional rival everyone in the NFL thought we should lose to. You still think we are only winning 7 games this year?

        • The next time I get down there probably won’t be until AFTER we win 8.
          I don’t want to shoot my mouth off, have us freeze up, and then have to eat it until 2015. Remember it was MY initial assessment he shot down.


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